About Us

Welcome to Ash & Folly. Jewellery and thank you for taking a moment to find out about who we are.
Ash & Folly. Jewellery officially launched in December 2015 as an online jewellery store based in Australia. Our aim is to sell jewellery that is reliable, affordable and unique. The jewellery is designed to be petite and simple and most of all, to last.
For years we struggled to find jewellery that was unique, reliable and affordable, with each shopping adventure resulted in purchases that were perhaps affordable or reliable, but never both. In 2015, after tiring of constant jewellery breakages, we began searching for unique pieces to define Ash & Folly.
Our designs are a mix of hand-curated pieces and jewellery which was designed in-house. With so many designs in mind we were forced to reign in our focus, choosing only our favourite pieces. Our collection of jewellery is representative of our love of simplistic and petite. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, selling only sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver pieces.
The name Ash & Folly is inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi and the ability to embrace the imperfect. It is often difficult to move past mistakes made but we strive to learn from those mistakes and make them very much a part of our mission of what we can achieve in the future and how we can achieve it.  
In its simplicity our jewellery is designed to be worn alone or combined and to fit seamlessly you’re your wardrobe. Above all, it is designed to be reliable and beautiful so it will be a piece you can wear year after year.
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“My necklace in particular holds a special place close to my heart. That is, around my neck.” – E. Mitchell