Revamp Your Wardrobe

Revamp Your Wardrobe

Posted by Eloise on 31st May 2017

It may not happen often and for some it may not happen at all (you go getters you) but eventually your closet will set a pair of accusing eyes on you to remind you of what you don’t wear. The accusation sits heavy between you and getting dressed every day. So what do you do? Most of us grab a large garbage bag with the naïve determination of the innocent. Your rules? Don’t convince yourself you wear it because you don’t, don’t get attached, don’t give up.

What actually happens is a fashion parade of outfits you forgot you had and the joyous memories that come with them.

Throw that outfit down! It’s time to get serious.

There are clothes in there you just don’t wear. Say goodbye. Adios. So Long. Au Reviour. Auf wiedersehen, goodnight.

Now we can get to the good stuff. The clothes you want to bring out of hibernation – and not because of the change of season. Let’s start with the basics.

T-Shirts. So many t-shirts are discarded because they never present anything new however, my t-shirts (unless so old they’re only good to clean a car) remain a favourite in my wardrobe. This is because I always add a little something extra and its always an accessory. A plain T with a waist high skirt, short or pant and a little dazzle around the neck can make you feel priceless.

I often pop out to the shopping center in what would normally be called daggy – a tee with a pair of shorts. I always add a necklace, some wrist bling and rings. Almost always (let’s admit some outfits aren’t salvageable) my outfit becomes a wonderfully simple one to wear out shopping or to lunch with a friend.

Go through your wardrobe and pick out what you know are your forgotten favourites that you won’t give up. Get a real fashion parade going and add some accessories.

Start with necklaces: Geometrica, Archer, Aurora, Midnight.

Or perhaps just earrings: Cubic Chains, Simplicity, Geometrica.

Jewellery has a wonderful ability to take something plain and give it a little magic. Most fashionistas will stick with the mundane and add jewellery – just look through any fashion blog. The current favourite – a Rolling Stone tee with a statement necklace.

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